Deity Crowns (Mukuts) and Jewelry

topic posted Sun, July 16, 2006 - 7:48 PM by  cristina
Haribolo Prabhus,

I just joined this tribe after searching all over the web for Deity resources. All the Deity pictures are amazing.
I am looking for any websites or contact info for Deity crowns and jewelry makers. I remember seeing a mataji offering her services online via her website. I think she lives in Alachua.

Does anyone know of any design resources for making your own Deity crowns or effulgences?
We have 8 inch tall Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra Deities that are very merciful. They are from Ekachakra - Lord Nityananda's birthplace.
I have never seen outfits or ornaments for Them in catalogs, temple giftshops or online. :( So, I make them myself. Making outfits for Them is a pleasure but since Im not expert in making crowns or jewelry I would like to purchase or get instructions to make their ornaments for upcoming Janmastami. I can make turbans but would like to also have some more crowns for Them.
We purchased some nice ones for Them while we were in Vrindavan but did not get the prabhu's contact information.
I like the embroidered and jeweled style crowns.

I put some photos of our beloved Lordships in my profile.

Thanks for your help :)

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
bhaktin cristina
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  • Hari bol mataji!
    please accept my humble obeisances, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    I think the website you are referrring to is:, This however is no longer online Mother Bhavatarini (have I got that right?) currently servs in alachua.

    From what I can remember, she gave a little description on her site: crowns are made from a stiff curtain backing material covered in a coloured cloth (not cardboard which is used in India. The design is made, and then edged in gold cord, and then the detail is filled in with rhinestones, which are readily available in the US, and now, online.

    really though, for crowns, Vrindavan is the best place to go. Although if you want south indian style crowns is a good place to go, they will usually source for you, from local manufactureres around the area. As for turbans, id you desire to make these, I'm sure Manu and Arun Prabhus could be of assistance, though how good this will be via the net, I'm not sure.

    As far as jewellery - local bead shops are always a great source of information / expertise. and one site I regularly use is pj minerals: for semiprecious stone beads. Here the stone chips are cheaper, and if you use these, they look like wonderful flower garlands, HH Sivarama maharaja says adding gold glass beads into the necklace brings out the colours, and it really works a treat! I always find for smaller deities, instead of wearing many necklaces, wearing one with a few strands, looks more effective (have a look at the pic I posted in the gallery of our Radha Krishna deities, here they are wearing a simple night necklace, of two strands with gold beads, for this if you use nylon thread and beading needles (very thin, and sharp!) the look is easily achieved. Also it is best to use beads relative ot the size of the deity.

    your servant,

    Hope this helps somewhat
    • haribol cristina prabhu.

      yes the prabhu that has the website's name is bhranti devi dasi, not bhavatarini and yes she does live in alachua. she will make nice things for you privately. she told me that the website didnt work out for her as planned, which is too bad as she is really quite amazing at mukuts. it is not cheap, but IMO it is worth it to have gorgeous quality mukuts for your deities.

      you can try making things yourself as well, if budget is a factor, however you will see that it is difficult to have something that doesn't look homemade. but, practice makes perfect. i havent gotten around to ordering a set from bhranti dasi but its in the plans, we have been in contact for a long time and i adore what she does. she has made HUGE sets for many temples in the states, LA, NYC, ALACHUA,, NEW V, etc. in LA my wife had the pleasure of cleaning those large mukuts for the deities there. she said they were just awesome.

      if your close to nyc, i would tell u to call satya dasi (she will ship to u as well) she probably has the best quality selection of crowns and mukuts in north america. for all sizes as well. and beautifully crafted.

      i agree with krish about the multi strand neclkaces being more effective as opposed to many for smaller deities. i am on vacation now maybe ill finally make some jewelry for my deities. you would think that i would have already done this as a jewelry artist, but there is never any time! i usually buy everything, i have a secret obsession with mukuts and crowns i adore collecting them!

      and btw if u need help with turbans just ask! actually im posting some pics of this weekends dressing i did for jagannatha.
      • I regularly male beaded crowns and jewelery for my deities some pics are available in my gallery, they are relatively simple to do i just get beading wire and play around with different patterns right now with raksha bandhan comming up rhakis should be available in Ingian stores the centeres of these are often made in the same manneras mukhuts (sari, sequins and jewels etc.) and some can be glued together to make a crown or they can be used as turban pieces.
        • Thank you yajiv for sharing with us the beaded crowns you made for your Lordships.
          I made some quite similar for our Gaura Nitai a couple years ago.
          Looking at them now I dont even know how I did it! I was more strict back then though.
      • Maunji, PAMHO. always the fountain of knowledge, thanks for correcting my kali yuga brain!

        Thanks also for that wonderful arshan of Jagannatha Swami, He really looks amazing, those turbans did you make them with a foam base? and that vertical red stripe - very effective! - it must be a very great pleasure for the devotees in Montreal to get such amazing darshan!

        your servant,
        • you are to kind prabhu! accept MY obeisances!

          i prefer the green turban to the red, at least there will be a chance to do others right? i like trying new things. and yes it is done with a base. otherwise nothing will hold, those mukuts are HUGE and heavy they need to be secure. our base is a canvas material stuffed with foam. we usually then put a base fabric and then add to that as we go along ! im glad u enjoyed the darshan. lately i have been doing jagannath altho (forgive my offenses) i have never really had an attachment for HIM. i prefer to dress gaura nitai or radha krsna. but i guess im not the one that makes these arrangements. he is!
  • Thanks for alll of your posts! I was amazed at how fast you all wrote back. I guess its safe to assume that this "tribe" is active :)

    Since we are the "temple" in San Antonio as there is not any other Prabhupada guided center, all of the service is ours :)

    I have a sewing machine that does computerized embroidery so Im still trying to figure out how to create a crown design
    via the software I have and then get my machine to sew it and then embellish it with some beads and jewels and place it on a stiff backing.
    Their Lordships are very kind in accepting but I always am looking for sources to create something beautiful for Them.
  • Hare Krishna Cristina.

    I too joined the tribe like you after searching for links on making crowns and turbans for my JBS and Niai Nitai deities..Though i am new here i have been reading the posts with interest and only now am i actually posting..I ended making my own crowns and turbans for JBS and Nimai Nitai..It can very easily be achieved with canvas, available in craft stores, some fabric glue, or a glue gun, decorative beads etc and some metallic beading wire etc..
    I'll try and upload some pictures of my deities and you can see what i mean..Hare Krsna..
    Nitya Navina Dasi
    • please do we cant wait. us pujaris looooooove pictures :)
      • Haribol Prabhu,
        I tried uploading the pictures, but i turns out that tribe allows only 1 MB and the pictures are about 1.73..Any suggestions on how to go about uploading them?
        • do you have a photo editing program? if you do, you can easily resize the photos so that you can post them. if that fails, message me privately and i can give you my email address so you can send me the pics and i will resize them with my program and either post them for you or send them back for you to post.
          i did that for manu and his glorious prasad pic already. :)
        • yeaa
          pls post!! :)
          • Hare Krishna,
            Thank you Prabhus for the software. I have posted pictures of my deities..Jagannath Baladeva Subhadramayi are wearing crowns got from the gift store..My Nimai-Nitai are very mercifully wearing the ones that i made for Them. With Their mercy i was able to make some turbans for another set of Jagannath Baladev Subhadra deities whom we gifted to a a friend, i will post those pictures too sometime when i have a chance..
            Like Cristina was mentioning they wear everything mercifully, the Lord's pastimes are unlimited and the satisafcation of making something on your own and offering Them is totally a different experience which i am sure every Pujari will agree with..
            Nitya Navina Dasi.
            • Dear Nityaji,

              Thanks for posting the pics of your most unusual Jagannath deities. Lord Jagannath is so sweet, and His mood can go from an adorable child, to a very opulent king. Making and offering paraphrenalia is very satisfying. So far I've not been able to make crowns, but mostly necklaces. I do shop for the deities, and am always looking for what can be adapted for Their service/use....and I have to confess that this is just as exciting...

              Actually, I can see why the store keeper said tha your Jagannath deities look like the Mayapur deities, as both have human shaped eyes, than the more traditional circular or oval style eyes of Puri. A lot of Bengali Jagannath deities have eyes like this, so there are similarities...

              Hare Krsna! Jai Jagannath!

  • Haribol,
    Jai! Jagannath is certainly very sweet... I became very excited after reading that your Jagannath is from Ekacakra Dham as my deities are from there also. A very senior devotees very mercifully gave Them to me and They are now accepting my insignificant service to Them. As
    As my deities are very small, i make Them dresses myself... As for turbans, i make that too...As Nitya Navina mataji said, fabric, glue gun, creativity is enough...of course nothing becomes complete without devotion, as that is the main ingredient. I have posted some pics of Them, along with the pics of my Nitai Navadvip-Chandra, so please have Their darshan.
    Your servant,
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  • Hari bol!

    My name is Mayank and I live in the Chicagoland area. I have posted some pics of our deities. The Crowns are all home made. We all as a family work together and make deity clothes and jewelery. There is nothing in this world that compares to making the clothes and jewelery yourself and offering it to the Lordship. It is our love for them that counts the most, not the actual appearance. Shree Krishna and Shreemati Radharani are gorgeous no matter what clothing or jewelery we adorn them with. So, I encourage you to make it yourself rather than purchasing it. We have been serving our deities for the last 17 years and always offered them custom made and hand made clothes and jewelery. May Lord Krishna give you success in your endeavors. Jai Sri Krishna